Nielsen-Kellerman Interval Computer Interface med Watchware for Windows


Nielsen-Kellerman interface. Indlæser data på din PC.

Nielsen-Kellerman Interval Computer Interface med Watchware for Windows.

Nielsen-Kellerman interface. Indlæser data på din PC.

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  • Overview
  • Upload Interval data to your PC.
  • Assign splits and rates to athletes and maintain athlete roster.
  • Calculate splits, speeds and distance per stroke.
  • Categorize, annotate, sort, print and export data all with our own WatchWare®.The Interval Interface is a small cradle and cable which plugs into a serial(com) port on your computer. The Interval 2000 simply drops onto the cradle (locating pins position it correctly) and communicates optically with the interface - there are no electrical contacts to damage.
  • The Watchware® for Windows software application controls the data upload. Data transfer takes only a few seconds. After transferring the data, you can select individual segments (races, workouts, or events stored in the Interval's memory) to save or delete and can assign segments to categories, such as Club, High School, Varsity, etc.
  • Within segments, each split or stored rate may be assigned to an athlete using simple drop down boxes. Athletes' names may be added to the roster on the fly, or you may perform roster maintenance separately. Once splits have been assigned to athletes, individual athlete's times may be filtered and displayed, along with splits for that athlete automatically calculated by the software.
  • Where the exact split distance is known (swimming and track) the software will automatically calculate the athlete's speed and distance per stroke or stride.
  • Ample comment and note fields allow you to add information to segments, time and athletes.
  • Data may be printed or exported to a text file for import into Microsoft Excel and other programs.

Interval® WatchWare for Windows®
Organize, annotate, review, print and export your data

  • Control data transfer from Interval watch.
  • Select data to incorporate into permanent database.
  • Maintain athlete roster and assign split times and rates to individual athletes.
  • Calculate splits for multiple athletes or crews timed in one set or race.
  • Attach notes and comments to athlete roster, segment descriptions and individual times.
  • Categorize sets of data by team, club or age group.
  • Enter split distances and automatically calculate speed and distance per cycle based on split distance.
  • Create reports for athletes, events or dates.
  • Select data for export to Microsoft Excel® or comma-delimited text files.
  • Print selected data.

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