Holder med Android kabel


Holder til PM3, PM4 og PM5 monitor inkl. Android kabel.

Holder til Concept 2 romaskine med PM3/PM4/PM5 monitor, bestående af holder + Android kabel til brug sammen med App: ErgData.

Please note that Concept2 cannot guarantee compatibility with any particular device. Manufacturers frequently make changes that may disable ErgData, or you may have an earlier version than we tested. Some devices may require additional steps or special hardware to make it work, and some will never work. Refer to the following table for some common Android devices and our current test results.

Droid Razr M Yes
Google Nexus 7 (2012 version) Yes
Google Nexus/Verizon Yes
HTC One 
(Android 4.2.2)
Samsung Galaxy 4 Yes
Google Nexus 7 (2013 version) No
Coby MID 4331-4 No
Google Nexus 4 No
HTC Droid Incredible No
Samsung Fascinate No

Note: ErgData will not function properly if a LogCard is in the monitor. Remove any LogCard before using ErgData.

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